Expanding our offer

Oxford Research’s mission is “knowledge for a better society”. Since 1995, we have lived by this mission, mainly by providing policy analysis and evaluation research to our clients. Now, we are in a position to expand on this offer. Instead of just producing evidence, we will support public authorities and socially minded organisations to manage and improve knowledge-based development through analysis, process support, training and counseling. Our new logo, released today, fits with this bigger ambition, an interest in understanding and developing society.

Group CEO, Dr. Kim Møller, says “our clients have increasingly asked us not only what the situation is, but how they can improve on that situation. Evaluation and analysis are still our core products, but to match client demands we are taking on more projects for individual and organisational development and change.”

The company has built a strong reputation for academic depth, rigor and integrity. Our staff of more than 70 consultants cover Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltics and Poland. To better serve our clients we will grow both geographically and by adding new skills in the coming years. As Dr. Møller phrase it “We are ready to expand our offer”.

Our new logo symbolises our three key competences: research, communication and strategy. It also symbolises our three key services: analysis, evaluation and facilitation.